Welcome to north herts music improv network.

The group is for people who enjoy improvising, and would like the opportunity to be part of jam (at least partly improvisational) sessions, in and around Letchworth, Stevenage or Hitchin.

So please join if that is you :)

The expectation is that long-term collaborations might form, but the purpose is to encourage a degree of promiscuity and experiment. (In a good way!)

The basis of the group is the calendar. Join up, and join or create jam sessions, indicating (either there on the calendar or below here on the message board or both) the proposed venue, time, genre(s), instrumentation, and likely cost if any. This will generate a circulated email by means of which other members can reply directly to the initiator of the session. People concerned can then update the calendar entry as appropriate, e.g. with "full up", and perhaps even, both before and after, with links to blogs or vlogs about the event.

Cheers, and happy improvving!

Tom Royall


07761 484130



27 Shott Lane, Letchworth SG6 1SD